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Our Brands


 Crystaline Stone USA






The Crystaline Stone is an EXCLUSIVE & UNIQUE Product in the World!
CRYSTALINE STONE is 100% Natural Stone of Marbles, Onyxes, and Gems
They are Translucent and natural with original veins and textures, it is nature itself that makes the design of the stone. Unique and EXCLUSIVE PRODUCT IN THE WORLD, The CRYSTALINE STONE Line has a unique Colors and Patterns in Translucent Ornamental Stones, which is superior to conventional stones because it is, making it more compact, more resistant and stain-proof.


Odyssey Stone - India






Odyssey embraces the potential of Natural Stone as an architectural and a design element. Headquartered in New Delhi, India, Odyssey stands out for its innovative approach to the time-honored natural stone industry. Its extensive knowledge of materials, an extremely creative in-house design team and a workforce of skilled masons guarantees highest quality standards in the production and installation of architectural works.

The Pecaso Wenhang Group (PWG) began our partnership in 2012. Pecaso and Wenhang each have over 30 years of lighting design and manufacturing experience. The combined groups together create a strong lighting team that brings to market a wide range of quality products at great values.

 We approach every crystal piece as the only piece we design. It is this dedication to the fine art of chandelier making that separates us from other companies
Our Lights have to be our ambassadors to the world, so each must be a labor of love. Each chandelier must be built from the ground up, with only the finest materials we can provide. Opting for styles that follow traditional function but with a dramatic flair.

Highly experienced third-generation craftsmen devote themselves to fulfilling the dream of each customer, whether it is a single piece or multiple pieces. Our in-house procedures include stringent quality control, as well as technical modifications to guarantee uniformity of workmanship. At the same time, we adhere to a tight working schedule so that each order will be completed in a timely manner.

When one beholds a PWG chandelier, the obvious beauty and elegance are apparent, but it’s the commitment of our hard-working men and women, who create these breathtaking masterpieces, that truly tells the PWG story of…… A FINER CRYSTAL CHANDELIER COMPANY 


Baihui Art Lighting – China








Baihui Blown Glass Art Company in Zibo city is dedicated to the development, study and production of art glass. With strong design strength and heritage of traditional glass technology in Venice, and gathering of the top designers and well-known artists at home and abroad, thus it forms Baihui glaze series art which is of special verve, and has won several national patents and enjoyed the high reputation of the pioneer in the field of Chinese newly emerging art glass reform.

The products of our company are of novel style, a wide range of usage, and is the best choices for the high-grade hotels, exquisite western food centers and bars, noble societies, noble living houses, as well as family engineering fitments and decorations, is the ideal choices for the individual persons who are searching for fashions, and in the pursuit of living qualities, We are always seeking some breakthroughs in the inheritance, and seeking developments in our pioneering development, keen on further development, not fear to be innovative, paying attentions to culture, and let each piece of our art glass contain particular vitality.


Novawood - Turkey





Novawood set out with the purpose of weaving the texture of the “tree” into the fabric of “life”. Our aim was to convert this

most beautiful gift of nature into breathing, living spaces. Today, with each new design, we feel that we are bringing nature one
step closer to humans. While trying to preserve the rich forests of our world through sustainable solutions, we embrace the quality of
“longevity” as the most significant brand value of our products. Inspired by the harmony and aesthetics of nature itself, we preserve our
products through the most advanced thermal modification method, “Thermowood” for ultimate “durability” and “endurance”.


Jesse – Italy









The production is 100% made in Italy, in the same place where the company was founded in the early twentieth century and where the headquarters, the factory and the showroom are always located. The inspiration draws however from ideas coming from the major European and American cities.

The way we work, attentive to detail, elegance and modernity, forms the basis of our growth. We chose to be global and international also in the distribution, that’s why we are present with numerous showrooms worldwide and with flagship stores especially in the US.


Lighthouse laser Arts – USA









Lighthouse Laser Arts combines ancient marquetry with modern technological innovations to create stunning floor, wall and furniture art.

Functional Art Through Nature And Technology


Floor, wall and furniture art. Hardwood flooring inlaid designs (medallions, borders, custom accents, parquet patterns etc.). Functional art in the form of coffee and dining tables, pendants and chandeliers.


PREGNO – Italy










Widely known furniture factory Pregno  was founded in 1971 near the town of Padova (Italy). The basic direction – manufacture of furniture in classic style "antique", using the most modern technologies. Designers working on Pregno, carefully monitor and immediately take advantage of all the fashion trends emerging in the segment of classic furniture. Thanks to this Italian furniture Pregno has the exclusive, slightly eclectic style, never crossing the line of good taste.

The factory produced high quality Pregno furniture made of walnut and cherry. Most of the operations for the manufacture of furniture Pregno executed manually using the old techniques of Cabinet-makers but, nonetheless, its price does not exceed a reasonable amount. For furniture manufacturing company Pregno uses carefully dried in the open air, and then in special kilns to a moisture content of not more than 12% wood. After that, the workpiece is sawed, glued, processed, before becoming suitable for the manufacture of any piece of furniture.

For decorating furniture antique Pregno uses unique technologies: a multilayer coating of a special polymer varnish, which creates on the surface of the product an impression of patina. After coating for increased wear resistance and protection against external influences the finished product is covered with a layer of wax, which further enhances the aesthetic quality of wood. Modern furniture Pregno has its own twist - a multi-layered and semi-transparent, deep and beautiful colors (green, Burgundy, and chocolate).









 FF&E – China

Luxury furniture made from wood and metal are gaining popularity among the consumers due to its high aesthetics value and durability. The wood luxury furniture segment is expected to witness the higher growth rate due to increasing demand from hospitality and corporate sector. On other hand, the luxury furniture market is likely to witness slow growth rate across the globe owning increasing environmental concerns associated with plastic degradation and its lack of aesthetic value, as compared to other materials used for luxury furniture manufacturing.


Reyhan Carpet - Turkey






*Reyhan offer from Bcf, over Shaggy, to Hand carved, and Classic rugs, Wall to Wall and Mosque Carpets, collections made by our expert designers.

*Reyhan guarantee European standards for quality products, personalized labels and specific packaging.