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1-      Architect design


We are the representative of a famous Architects designer








2-      Interior design

The design team at 7D are adept at bringing to fruition the vision of our clients. We are experienced in all forms of design, from large scale bespoke joinery and statement items through to intricate embroidery details on sumptuous fabrics. Rather than following a distinct house style, 7D ensures that every project we undertake is perfectly tailored to the client’s needs, their personal taste and lifestyle. The design team at 7D are adept at bringing to fruition the vision of our clients. We are experienced in all forms of design, , from large scale bespoke joinery and statement items through to intricate embroidery details on sumptuous fabrics. Rather than following a distinct house style, 7D ensures that every project we undertake is perfectly tailored to the client’s needs, their personal taste and lifestyle.


3-      Turnkey Solutions


 Across all phases of our process, we involve people to get the most satisfying results. We work closely with our clients and other consultants to turn our clients’ interior design dreams into reality.

Whether working on living room interior design or office interior design, our interior designers use their creativity and thoroughness to gain a full understanding of the client’s expectations so that they can meet – and exceed them.

We are passionate about what we do and we enjoy helping our clients solve their problems. Positive and fun, our team builds great communication with clients and project partners.

  • We bring to the table years of experience in implementing various types of interior design solutions in Qatar and abroad. We are fully aware that each project requires a different and unique interior engineering process. By attentively listening to and immersing ourselves in our client’s mission and culture, we meet their business and personal goals.

Successful interior design projects are those that create a lasting impact in spaces where people live, work, and play. 7D offers a full range of interior design services, from concept to detailed design and fit-out services. We are truly a one-stop-shop.

Building strong, long-lasting relationships with our clients is the cornerstone of successful interior design and fit-out projects.

  • We sincerely believe that mutual respect and trust are the seeds of these relationships that, once nurtured, enable the unified team to deliver excellence.
  • Each project at 7D starts with an in-depth analysis of the client’s needs and other stakeholders’ requirements. Researching and anticipating users’ needs is crucial for building trust and long-term communication. We incorporate the latest design and product trends as well as our experience into singular projects that we deliver in Doha and other cities efficiently and effectively.

Another pillar fundamental to project success is our commitment to a philosophy of interdisciplinary collaboration. Taking advantage of each other’s diverse experience and knowledge, our engineers, architects, and interior designers are able to deliver actionable and realistic solutions with fantastic results.

Whether you are designing your space for the first time or you are interested in interior redesign, our team will conduct a careful analysis of your site.

Commissioning our world-class designers and making use of our finest resources, we will work together with you and experts across various fields to give your project the results you have always dreamed of.



4-      Value engineering services


 *When it comes to getting the best return on your investment, there is simply no replacement for your designer’s experience.

Our team has years of professional experience, With this experience comes the ability to advise clients on potential issues they did not anticipate, which helps avoid unnecessary expenses and possible costly corrections.

Our designers fully understand that value engineering is a sensitive issue. They do not only take into consideration the project cost but also the cost of ongoing maintenance and repair, as well as product durability. We always tell our clients that sometimes spending a little more today can save a lot more in the future.


5-      Space utilization and cost-effectiveness


In the interior design process, space planning comes first. Blocking out interior spatial areas, defining circulation patterns, as well as developing plans for furniture layout and equipment placement are all integral parts of our space utilization process.

Not all spaces are created equal, so we take a unique approach to each of our projects to ensure optimal space utilization. We talk to you to find out what you have in mind and then use this to envision the most effective interior design organization.

In addition, space utilization can significantly improve the client’s return on investment, so it is necessary to carefully consider a number of different options before choosing the one that will best fit your space.



6-      Landscaping


The inspiration for our latest creations comes from purely geometric to the most fluid organic forms, touching upon everything in between. Our team’s international experience is the endless source of passion for the original, progressive, and inspiring environments they create.

Translating concepts of landscape architecture into actual spaces with the highest level of professionalism is our team’s primary objective. It is with great pride that we can say that a team made up of individuals with the most illustrious personal and academic careers has come together under one roof to serve our clients and the world we live in.

The 7D team unifies landscape architecture with interior design, overcoming challenges that may arise in this process with joy. We tackle different issues by merging these two different yet complementing concep

ts with great care and an eye for detail.

*We strive to design outdoor spaces that are enduring – aesthetically and functionally – and that speaks the same design language as the adjoining architecture and interior spaces.

Our team takes the responsibility as custodians of the local land and endeavors to create environments that are at one with the local habitat and ecosystem.

Outstanding landscape design takes into consideration the richness of the past, the demands of the present, and the aspirations of the future. Our landscape designers capture the essence of the local environment and its history as a building block of their landscape design process that always creates lasting impressions.



7D  has been executing high-quality design and fit-out projects across a wide variety of sectors, including hospitality, healthcare, fitness, and food and beverage. Our diverse portfolio of clients and our team’s rich experience ensure that projects are completed on time and on a budget, reaffirming our philosophy of ‘doing it once and doing it right’.

As a leading fit-out company in Qatar, 7D  is qualified to execute turnkey solutions and fit-out concepts for contractors, consultants, and private clients, suitable for all construction programs. Based on the highest standards of planning and execution excellence, our fit-out team continually increases their level of expertise by adding value to every project and highlighting potential issues to clients so as to avoid delays and cost overruns.

With our highly skilled and experienced staff, all-inclusive programming, vigorous budgetary control, and client-centric approach, we work diligently to exceed expectations. This translates into providing peace of mind to our clients, letting them rest assured that even the most minute detail will be taken care of by only the most qualified trades people, subcontractors, and skilled labor.


8-    FF@E  Furniture Fixtures and Equipment

Consulting and advising

We are here to guide you through the procurement process and advise you on what should be done. 

Crisis management

We are experienced in handling rush projects and finding creative solutions to problems.

Access to trade discounts

We negotiate the best prices and sales conditions on your behalf. There are no distributors or middle people.

Cost effectiveness

Substantial savings for your business, eliminating unnecessary hiring, waste, risk and graft.

*We identify the suppliers, evaluate their bids, and conduct value-engineering.

We negotiate the prices and sales conditions on your behalf, and finalize the delivery schedule.

*We issue the purchase orders and monitor supplier performance. Meanwhile, we control costs at all times. 

*We conduct quality control visits and coordinate the logistics with the freight forwarders and validate the list of deliverables and send you audited financial documentations.

We also provide you with statements of warranty, product certifications, and assembly instructions.